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About Us

DeepsAndDeeps.com is owned by Cardona Ballester, SL, established in Valencia (Spain), where we are dedicated to online sales of figures and merchandising related to the geek world.

Since 2008 we are dedicated to online sales. This site was created in 2015 by the need to sell one type of product to an audience that is attracted to movies, series, books, comics, manga, anime, video games, or other hobbies that, not only arouses their interest, but in many cases is converted into a lifestyle.

Our purpose is to offer items to interested people, enthusiasts and collectors around the world, focusing our main sales to the individual client.

Our customers love the way we work because we have our own quality control of the products that are coming to us, we try to correctly report on the web the characteristics and peculiarities of each item, and we use a fast and secure transport service. Furthermore, unless a product clearly displays it is out of stock, our items for sale are in our own warehouse, so there are no surprises or unnecessary delays for our customers.

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